The reaction that happens in the sun and the other stars is called fusion. It occurs with the production of a huge quantity of energy. Italy is in the front-line for reproducing this mechanism on Heart and to generate clean, safe, and unlimited air. The recognized excellence of the research is collaborating with a network of leading companies, capable of making the required components for this border challenge.

campo di pannelli

A journey to discover the Italian excellence of renewable energy sources, storage, hydrogen, solar thermal energy. A journey in the very heart of of research, to find out more about companies successfully engaged in developing innovative technologies and materials, with a special focus on those leader industries that are working on projects at international level, too.

Terreno edificabile

A journey through the Italian chain specialized in the sustainable utilization of resources, in bioeconomy, biotechnology, bioenergy and in advanced technological solutions to obtain substances of high added value, to renew resources, exploit waste and to realize innovative processes and products for the health sector, agri-food and industries.

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